A Day in the Life of DiscoveringNatural- Sept 28th

To comment on any of the pictures below, visit Click HERE It's wash day and since it's the end of the month, time to clarify using Bentonite Clay. After 45 mins, it was time to wash off the clay. After rinsing of the clay, I always use a rinse off conditioner. This is not necessary because the mix contains Aloe Vera Juice which is very moisturizing. Now...it's Deep Conditioning time!! While DCing, I did my morning devotion. I am always amazed by how much shrinkage I have. But I love it!! Check out that curl at the back that does not shrink. NATURAL HAIR is amazing!! I always stretch my hair after washing. Sometimes, I band, thread, or twist. Today, I decided to twist. Off to soccer we go! I wore my hair uncovered because I wanted the sun to dry it. We got to the fields early... the girls were happy since they will be able to play. Hope they don't get too tired before the game...I also did a mini workout. LOL! Oh! NOoooooo... rain! Yeah! The rain stopped just in time for Big Sis's game. After Big Sis's game, we went to Lil Sis's game. They played for 10 mins and then the rain started again! It was time for my eyebrow to get threaded It's movie night and the girls got their hair styled in a curly bun with wavy side bangs (not hanging) My twists are still damp, about 60%. This is my FAKE wash and go. LOL! Yeah, I take too long to get ready..and The Man decided it was time for a nap LOL! Off to the movie theatre. Why do I ALWAYS get photobombed by Big Sis o_O We saw "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2". I prefer this movie to the first one. Dinner time at Jimmy John's. First time there. I got a vegetarian sandwich. LOVED it!!. Had to stop at Walmart to get some stuff for Bible Study on Sunday.. the girls love these shoes... me...NOPE! That's it folks!!


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