HairChemistry: Hair Porosity

As a blogger, I keep a journal of all the blog and video ideas I will like to share with you. On the top of my list is Hair Porosity. While doing my research I came upon this intelligent YouTube video by HairCrush. She broke it down in a language that I understood and that I know you all would understand.

Hope you enjoy the video. I will be testing the porosity of my hair on my next wash day.

Do you know if you have high or low or normal hair porosity? How do you manage such hair?


  1. I did the porosity test a few months ago. I found that I have low porosity, so I deep condition with plastic bag and a heat dryer to open my hair cuticles. Then, I close the circle with cool air or a cool water rinse. It really seems to help my hair.

    1. I am so glad that you did the test and that it helped you. What type of products do you use or avoid with your low porosity hair?


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