Curly Girl Method on Natural Hair (Wash N Go Style)

While I was transitioning, I did the Curly Girl Method and it really helped to keep my new growth moisturized longer. Although I was unable to do Wash N Go while transitioning because my relaxed ends would always stick out, I decided to try it out now that I am fully natural.

The video below demonstrates how I did my very first Wash N Go style using the CG method.

 I think I was a bit heavy handed on the Eco Styler Gel. After about 5 hours my hair was fully dry. The top was quite hard and crunchy. I did not like that. I however liked how it made my curls pop. Another thing was that I did have LOTS of frizz.

The shrinkage was so much!! But I am gradually learning to embrace it.

Next time, I will try to just do it without the gel or... maybe try Let's Jam Custard. I have heard that it doesn't give as much crunch factor.  Overall, I love the outcome of my first wash n go style.

At night, I spritz my hair with water and gently massaged it all over my hair, making sure to coat all hair strands with water. This helped soften my hair. I then sealed my ends with castor oil. I also applied castor oil to my edges, which have now successfully grown in.

How do you do your Wash N Go?


  1. Congrats on you BC! I transitioned for a year and 3 days and did the BC the day after you did! I love it!


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