Working Out with a Bun

I workout regularly throughout the week. I usually have my hair in twists or braids when I work out. Since I am keeping my hair in a bun all week, I did not do anything, but just put on a headband and go! I am really loving this bunning experience. The only thing was when I lay down to do my core exercise, it was not too comfortable.

After working out, all I do is to moisturize just my edges. I did not need to remoisturize my hair since the effect of yesterday's moisturizing was still effective.

Enjoying a pre-workout Cappuccino drink (Sugar free-Low Cal), has a LONG night of watching Election coverage

How do you style your hair when you workout?


  1. I ususally wear a bun. Basically anything to keep my hair up and out of the way.

    1. I enjoyed wearing the bun, but I am kind of bored of it. I know I've only been wearing it since Sunday. LOL. I'm ready for something new...


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