Using Coffee Rinse on Natural Hair (Shampoo Wash)

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I got some sample packs of @MopTopHair products from a #naturalhair show last year and decided to try them #MopTopHair . In addition, I tried COFFEE rinse for the first time. I will be doing coffee rinses once a week for the next 2 months to see how my hair reacts to it so that I can better advice others on the use.

Coffee contains caffeine, which helps in blocking the effect DHT. DHT is known to shorten the growth phase of your hair's cycle , causing excessive heading, hair loss, and balding. Consumption of coffee is not as effective as topical application. Caffeine in coffee can also help stimulate growth.

I will share my results in a few months.
Black tea also does the same thing. Here is how to use black tea in your hair

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