Wash Day Diary: Getting Rid of the Ugly | October 23rd 2014

On my last wash day, I tried doing a roller set with Jane Carter Wrap and Roll. I have a hate-love relationship with this product. Anyways, after my epic fail at this style, which I now vouch NEVER EVER to do again, my hair was tangled, lost hair, almost did a Big Chop, just hair nightmare, I decided to rewash my hair because nothing I did could get rid of the dry tangled feeling.

I decided to cowash with the Eden Bodyworks All Natural Cleansing Cowash, my Boo.  Then, because it was 9:30pm and too late into the night, I did a quick 10 mins deep conditioning session with what was left of the SheaMoisture Purification Masque, #Empty. Rinse and did a cold water rinse.

Post Wash
- Applied oil mix to scalp for a massage.
- Before I went to wash my hair, I put the SheaMoisture Curl and Style Milk, my leave in, in the fridge. I read somewhere that putting your leave in in the fridge will help close your cuticles. When I applied it, I most say, my hair felt smoother and different. Love it!! I will try it with the girls this weekend, during their wash day, #FingersCrossed

- Applied Oil over hair to complete the LCO method.
Twisted my hair and pinned around head for stretch. Not sure what am going to do to my hair this week.


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