UPDATE: Hand-In-Hair Syndrome FIXED!!

Back in December 2012, I talk about how Big Sis has been struggling with Hand-in-Hair Syndrome (HIH). If you don't know what HIH is, here is the definition; by the way, it is not life-threatening:

Hand in Hair Syndrome is a condition where a person is constantly playing in their hair, by pulling, twirling, twisting it. This condition can cause hair loss, known as, Trichotillomania.

She has been working really hard to stop doing it and I am pleased to say that after several months, she has overcame it.

The picture below shows how much her hair on the affected nape area has grown. Please note that at one point, this area was complete bald.

  December 2012                              October 2013 
What did we do:

1. She found other ways to divert the urge to pull on her hair. Whenever she wants to pull on her hands, she keeps her fingers busy doing other things.

2. I made sure to put in styles that did not keep that area free. Meaning braiding up that area, doing styles that hides the area.

3. PRAYER. Yes! We prayed about it because she did not like how her hair looked in that area. God does care about our natural hair.

Are you struggling with HIH? What are you doing to stop the urge?


  1. This is Van1019 from curlynikki. You provided your link and I will try all your suggestions and hope it helps. Thank you for sharing also.

    1. Thanks, Van. I hope it helps you. Have a happy hair journey!!

    2. My DD and I watched big sis vid and she loved. If you do not mind me asking, are you Nigerian? Well I am Nigerian. Nice vids on YouTube. I just recovered from been a pj lol so I am keeping everything simple. Thank you again


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