African Threading, my Fall/Winter Protective Style

I love doing African threading to stretch my hair. I find that I get more stretch with this method than with other methods. I do not use heat on my hair and this gives me an alternative way of stretching my hair.

Normally, I only wear my hair out on the weekends. During the week, my hair is usually in twists or flat twist. I was blessed by my mother in law and my sister in law with beaucoup LOTS of African threads. The kind that I used as a child.

I have never used the rubber ones before. I'm a bit nervous to use these ones because they are quite slippery. 

I got about 20 bricks of thread! JACKPOT!! There are 8 spools of threads in each brick. When I went to the African store to check for the price of this, it was about $2. Thank you, MIL and SIL.

Freshly washed hair, moisturized, and threaded
How I wear it out. This was the gym...
Even though Big Sis is not a big fan of threading, I do use it to stretch her hair.
The cool thing about threading is that you can create different designs with it. You can combine threading with twists, braids, or even cornrows. Click here to see different designs


  1. The rubber ones are not really as slippery as they appear. Does african threading dry your hair or is it just me? lol

    1. When I first started threading I found them drying. But now I make sure to do extra moisturizing before I install them. Then every other day, I will spritz some oil mixed with water and aloe vera juice to them. I do the threading with gaps, so my entire hair is not covered with the thread.


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