QOTD: I can't find Products where I live. What do I do?.


I do not live in the States, and people mention products that I cannot find where I live. What can I do to find good products where I live?


Focus on the ingredients
The key thing when searching for products is to look at the ingredients. Even if you can't find the product brands, you can look at the ingredients of the products you do have and make sure they are something that works for your hair. Research ingredient names rather than product names.

Look in your pantry
Sometimes, your pantry is your natural hair resource. For example for deep conditioning, you can use a mixture of food products. Watch as I show you how to make avocado deep conditioner:

 Here is a playlist of all my DIY recipes for a complete wash day:
Go Online
When you can't find a product on ground, check online. There are some companies that will ship to other countries, by visiting the website of the product, you will be able to select products to get delivered to your home. You can also go to Amazon to get variety of products. Click here to visit my Amazon page.
What do you do when you can't find products? Chime in!


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