Funny Names This Hairstyle is Called all over the world


This style is such a simple hairstyle created by wrapping sections of the hair around itself to create a knot. Here is a video on how to create it:

Here are the names it is called all over the world.

Corkscrew in Barbados.

Chine bump in Jamaica

Amagoda(Bantu knots) in South Africa

Bantu knots

Zulu Knots

Goat pupu in Congo

Afro nut

Nubian knots

Ikoto in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria

Maphondo in South Africa


"Otukwuru" Nigeria ( in Igbo language)

Chiney Bump in Jamaica

Chini bump


Pitó - NE of Brazil

Twist knots

Periwinkle(mfi in our language)

Pepper seed

Cork screw

Konko billo in Yoruba, south-western Nigeria.

Buckwheat in Georgia, USA

Koto, in Delta Nigeria

African Queen in Nigeria

Love knots

Zingongo in Malawi

Banquet Knots in North Carolina, USA

Dog tits in Kenya


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