Is Your Hair Very Dry? Here is what you can do. | DiscoveringNatural

Is Your Hair Very Dry? Here is what you can do. | DiscoveringNatural

 Is Your Hair Very Dry? Here is what you can do.

When you wash your hair, use a moisturizing deep conditioner after shampooing. Shampoos that contain sulfates can make hair very dry especially when you do not use a moisturizing deep conditioner afterwards.

Suggestions for deep conditioner: 
Creme of Nature Pure Hair Mask Jar

OBIA Naturals Babassu Oil Therapy Hair Mask

After rinsing off the deep conditioner follow up with a leave in conditioner.
This will help with detangling hair but also keeping it soft post wash.

Suggestions for leave in conditioner:
TGIN Miracle Repairx Protective Leave In Conditioner

SheaMoisture Conditioner for Curly Hair Red Palm Oil and Cocoa Butter with Flaxseed Oil

During the week, check your hair daily to see if it needs to be moisturized. Watch this video to learn how to know if your hair needs to be moisturized:

To moisturize your hair, start by spraying a liquid, like water, aloe Vera juice, rose water or even herb infused water like Fenugreek water, apply an oil (you could skip this if your moisturizer has a lot of oils) then use a moisturizer. If your hair is high Porosity or does not retain moisture for long, you can follow up with a hair butter like Shea butter.

Suggestion for moisturizer:
tgin Miracle RepaiRx Curl Food Daily Moisturizer

Soultanicals Marula- Muru Moisture Guru

If you use products with too much protein, it can make your hair dry and brittle. Learn how to balance moisture and protein and identify the products with protein:

Oils are not moisturizers so if you are only using oil to moisturize your hair, this might be your issue.

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For more tips on retaining moisture in your hair, watch this

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