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If you have never heard of UNCOMBABLE HAIR SYNDROME,  you are not alone. Neither have I. until today.

Here is more jnformation about it from rarediseases.info.nih.gov
Read more:  https://rarediseases.info.nih.gov/diseases/5404/uncombable-hair-syndrome/cases/18000#1175

"What is uncombable hair syndrome?
Uncombable hair syndrome (UHS) is a rare disorder of the hair shaft of the scalp. It is usually characterized by silvery-blond or straw-colored hair that is disorderly; stands out from the scalp; and cannot be combed flat. It may first become apparent from 3 months of age to 12 years of age.[1] Most cases are isolated, but in some cases it has been described in association with other diseases, such as ectodermal dysplasiasBork syndrome and Angel-shaped phalangoepiphyseal dysplasia. The syndrome has been found to be caused by mutations in the genes PADI3, TGM3, and TCHH. These three genes code for proteins that are involved in hair shaft formation.[2] The syndrome appears to be inherited in an autosomal recessive fashion; however, cases inherited in an autosomal dominant manner may also exist, as there are other genes involved in hair formation. The condition often spontaneously regresses in late childhood.[3] Some published studies suggest that biotin may improve the condition.[4]
Last updated: 12/19/2016


  1. That is wild!!! I need to a video and pictures �� lol

  2. WOW. I thought at first it had something to do with hairstyles that are rebellious & don't wanna stay "laid for the gods". Had no idea this is a literal syndrome!

  3. I feel like my hair is uncombable at times

  4. Idk im real skeptical of the origins of this. How interesting.

  5. Hmmm this is interesting! This adds to my stress of always trying to self diagnose myself with something especially as it relates to the hair. Shoot I'm headed to a doctor today so I can be referred to a derm for my scalp!

  6. Learn something new everyday! I had no idea! I couldn't imagine being diagnosed with this!

  7. Fadesaye Olateru-OlagbegiApril 7, 2017 at 3:48 AM

    Thank you.

  8. This pic is not an example of UHS. First it afflicts whites and whites only. Think of Einstein and his hair. Unable to comb straight and ceases to grow at a certain point. Black people have difficult to comb hair but it is possible to straighten it and get it to lie flat. Black folk hair is not a syndrome it is a characteristic.

  9. Hi my wife is a licensed stylist. She can do all different treatments and processes, She never heard of it either.
    I wonder if it effects all nationalities?


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