How to DYE Hair AT HOME | New Natural Hair Color | Purple Hair Dye

How to DYE Hair AT HOME | New Natural Hair Color | Purple Hair Dye  DiscoveringNatural

Do you want to COLOR your HAIR yourself WITHOUT DAMAGE? Well, here is How to Dye Your Hair. The FUN WAY! Even perfect for kids!

I decided to color my hair myself. I chose the color purple to give me that purple rain hair color. It is so SIMPLE to color your natural hair without damage and for fun!! 

What do you need to get this done?
You will need a cream based product, like a moisturizer or a leave in conditioner. I am using my favorite leave in conditioner: 
SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner -

You will also need some high pigmented eyeshadow. You can also use blush, but I find eye shadows more pigmented. I used
Covergirl Eye Enhancers Sombra Realzadora | fard Accent

Let's mix all these products together and create a purple dye.

Next, time to style your hair. 

Start off by moisturizing your hair, and then apply the colored cream dye to your hair... and that's it

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