In July, we used up a few natural hair products. In today's blog, I will let you want what we think of them.
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Aunt Jackie's Quench! Moisture Intensive Leave In Conditioner
This product left our hair feeling very moisturized. The moisture lasted long when done with the LOC method. I loved the fact that it had great slip. We used it for doing this hairstyle:

Aunt Jackie's Girls Soft & Sassy Super Duper Softening Conditioner
This conditioner is BAE!! We all absolutely loved it. It had great slip, it softened and it was instant moisture when we used it. Even Baby Cousin's hair loved it as seen in this video:

My DNA Detangling Conditioner
 This conditioner was okay. We used it to detangle and it did the job although we wish it had more slip.

My DNA Hair Butter
 The hair butter in the same line was AWESOME!! Lil Sis's hair which is High Porosity loved this product. Her moisture lasted longer and I made the mistake of spilling a little bit of this gold and I almost cried. LOL! Big Sis's hair also loved it as you can see here:

Trader Joe's Vitamin E oil
Trader Joe's Vitamin E oil is one of the oils I used as my facial oil. Combined with Moringa Oil, it is magic to my skin and keeps me looking youthful, along with the gallon of water I consume each day. Watch how I use it. I also used it in my hair oil.

Garden of Life Raw Iron
 I have been taking this iron supplement for a few months now and noticed how effective it is in helping me with fatigue due to iron deficiency. It is vegan, gluten free and filled with good STUFF!! Iron deficiency can also cause excessive shedding. Here are some more information to consider if you are experiencing excessive shedding

 What did you use up in JULY?


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