Sealing Natural Hair with Castor Oil

Two days ago, I cowashed my natural hair using Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner. I also moisturized my scalp with the You Be-Natural Scalp Soother. Too bad, I finished it. I used SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner as my leave in and then sealed with You Be-Natural Moisture Lock Curl Lotion.

Why was I using a curling lotion to seal my hair?

Well, I was experimenting with how long lotion seals in moisture versus oils.

By the morning of the next day, my hair was D-R-Y. I did not remoisturize again till the next day.. which was today.
African Threading DiscoveringNatural

African Threading DiscoveringNatural

I decided to try spritzing my hair with my DIY hair spritz and then applied the You Be-Natural Curl Shaper and seal in, this time, with good ole Castor Oil.
Sealing Natural Hair with Castor Oil DiscoveringNatural

 It's been over 9 hours  and my hair, still feels so moisturized. I decided to bantu knot it to further lock in the moisture.
Bantu Knots DiscoveringNatural
Bantu Knots

Results from Bantu Knots
Natural Hair Bantu Knot Out

Natural Hair Bantu Knot Out

Natural Hair Bantu Knot Out


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