Product Review: Glycerin Oil

What is Glycerin?

Glycerin (Vegetable Glycerin) is a humectant which means it attracts moisture from the air. This thick oil is added to various beauty products because of its hygroscopic properties.

Benefits of Glycerin
  • Moisturizes dry hair and scalp
  • Softens hair
  • Conditions dry, frizzy, and brittle hair
  • Alleviate irritated dry, flaky scalp
  • Promotes growth
  • Strengthens hair to help prevent breakage
How this has helped me.

My youngest daughter has been experiencing dryness in her hair, even though the hair has been previously moisturized with a non glycerin product.  I decided to change her moisturizer to one that contains Glycerin. Her hair felt soft and quite moisturized. She has not had any dryness in her scalp.  I believe that due to the change of weather, it's getting more humid, our daily regime needs to include Glycerin.

People worry about using Glycerin because they feel it might cause their hair to become frizzy due to the product attracting water.  The important thing to note about the usage of Glycerin is that the moisture/humidity level outside determines how the product will interact with your hair.  When the weather is dry, Glycerin will pull moisture from your hair, however, if it is humid, it will pull moisture into your hair.

It is advisable to use this product in warmer weather, rather than cooler/colder weather. Also, avoid using this product if you live in a dry climate area. This product can be used as a spritz by mixing it with water and adding any other essential or carrier oil. By so doing, it can help control frizz.


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