How to Care for Your Hair While In Braids

 How to Care For Your Hair While In Braids | DiscoveringNatural

There are 3 main things to consider when you wear your hair in braids:
Your Scalp
Your Hair
Your Style

When caring for your scalp, start by spritzing your scalp with some liquid. This can be water, a liquid spray that contains other things, or even a tea based liquid like our DIY Black Tea Oil Water. Click here to learn how to make it:
You can apply a little oil on the scalp only if needed. Scalp massage is quite beneficial in helping blood circulation and stimulating hair growth.

Your Hair, although hidden by the braids, still needs to be maintained. Using a liquid moisturizer will be beneficial. After applying, make sure to squeeze your braids so that the product thoroughly penetrates inside. Pay close attention to your edges to keep it hydrated. You can apply oils like this if needed to strengthen your edges:

For the style to maintain its integrity, you can invest in a braid bonnet like this one: If the style starts looking a little frizzy, apply some mousse like this and tie the hair down with a scarf overnight or sit under a hooded dryer.

If you are going to keep your braids for more than a month, you can wash your scalp to minimize product buildup and scalp inflammation. How to wash braids:

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