Truthful Youtuber Tag Questions DiscoveringNatural

In today's video, I SPILL THE TEA . Welcome to the TRUTHFUL YOUTUBER TAG.

The Truthful Youtuber Tag Questions:

1: Have you ever received a product, tried it, didn’t like it and then decided not to review it?2: Product you use alone but don’t show or use online?

3: Product you want but won’t buy because you don’t support the brand?
4: Do you have any blocked words?
5: Do you delete comments, if so why?
6: Do you block people?
7: Have you ever lied about a product to stay on good terms with the brand?
8: Have you ever initially liked a product when you reviewed it and then changed your mind but didn’t let your audience know?
9: Influencer you don’t trust?
10: Influencer you trust the most?
11: Secret tips or product application you don’t show while on camera?
12: Have you ever showed one product but were actually using another?
13: Have you ever not disclosed a sponsorship?
14: Have you ever had a bad interaction with a brand?
15: Have you ever bandwagoned with other people’s thoughts on a particular product?
16: Things other creators do that get on your nerves?

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