How to Use CHEBE Powder to Moisturize Dry Natural Hair

How to Use CHEBE Powder to Moisturize Dry Natural Hair

In this video, I show you 2 ways that I have been using Chebe / Shebe to keep my hair moisturize and also to strengthen my hair.
I got my Chebe from Ancient N Natural :
For my wash day routine, I used products from Kadima Organics Beauty Products:

For more hair care recipe,visit:
Chebe is derived from a mixture of a plant
known as Croton Zambesicus, Mahlaba seeds, Missic resin.
Cloves and Samour resin. There are other varieties of 
Chebe known as Croton Gratissimus and Croton Tiglium.
It can be found all over Africa. It is mostly used
for medicinal purposes , and in Nigeria, the Yorubas call 
it "Ewe Ajekobale"

- Aids in moisture retention
- Strengthen Hair
- Minimizes Breakage
- Aids in Length Retention

You can use this powder in an oil, butter or moisturizer. I used it as part of my deep treatment process. This helped to infuse moisture into my hair and strengthen my hair. I apply this each time I wash my hair, which is usually weekly. 
I also use this with my shea butter as my sealant. The powder has a nutty smell and feels a bit grainy. You should only use a small amount when being left in hair so that it is not too visible in the hair and does not create fall out.

All the products from Kadima Organics Beauty Products are all organic and contain no chemicals. This makes it a perfect match for an herbal hair care routine.


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