Daughter DEEP CONDITIONS my Natural Hair + How Often to Deep Condition | Miche Lush Deep Conditioner

Miche Lush Deep Conditioner DiscoveringNatural

In this video, my daughter and I show you how to deep condition natural hair. We will be using Miche Lush Deep Conditioner. This is a moisturizing / moisturising deep condition, protein-free; infused with Raw Honey and Babassu Oil. I will also show you how I use the Miche Polished Hair & Scalp Oil which contains Argan and Jojoba Oil to intensify the deep conditioning experience.

You can find these two products at michebeauty.com.
Miche Beauty was created by a fellow Youtube content creator, Michelle B.

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Deep Conditioner & Oil

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Miche Lush Deep Conditioner DiscoveringNatural


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