This is one question that gets asked over and over again. The answer is not so straight forward. It is like asking what is the BEST FOOD for YOU? As you can predict, it will depend on what you like to eat, if you are allergic to the food, what is available in your area Until you try it, you will not know. The same thing goes for hair.

When it comes to hair and product choices, It depends on your hair porosity, texture and density. My youngest daughter is high porosity, medium density and coily-kinky texture and products that contain apple cider vinegar works great on her hair. My other daughter is medium porosity, high density and kinky texture, any creamy product works great on her, Sheamoisture, Eden Bodyworks, Cantu and My DNA. #AnythingGOES For myself with medium porosity, high density, coil-kinky textured, I also prefer creamy products. Pretty much anything that is not too liquid-y. Any of them would be water-based.

Product choices also depends on what you can't afford. No one knows that than you and your bank account. Some people's hair thrives well on homemade products (DIY), while others do not.

In conclusion, trial and error is the best way to choose the best product for your hair. It might take a long time, but don't be in a rush, take that time as a learning experience. DOCUMENT your findings. I use a free app called "Hair Journal". Enjoy your hair at all stages. It is the health that is most important.


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