When to Trim Natural Hair

When to trim Natural Hair

Knowing when to trim CAN be very confusing. This year, my plan was to have scheduled trimming, but after 6 months of doing trims every 3 months, I felt that my hair did not need too much trimming. Here is my advice, and what I do with my hair that helps.

I go by how my ends feel and look. I feel that if you take good care of your ends you do not need to trim often. However, if you feel that your ends are not as healthy as they should be, then trimming will be the way to go.

Getting your hair stronger and shinier does not have anything to do with trims, but it does have to do with incorporating protein treatment and using products that have protein to help improve the strength of your hair, and making sure that your hair is properly cleansed to bring out the shine and luster. Clarifying your hair at least once a month helps with promoting shine. Also, when you do not have product buildup or use products that sit on your hair strands.

When it comes to who should trim your hair, it depends on your confidence on whether you can do a great job at it or what to leave it to the professional. As long as you don't have a "scissors-happy" stylist, you should be ok.

Here is how I trim my hair myself : http://discoveringnatural.blogspot.com/2014/01/how-i-trim-my-natural-hair.html

Here is a video that can help with keeping your ends healthy:


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