Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Clueless about Hair Products?

I was on my favorite hair forum a couple of days ago, and saw a post by a new transitioner asking about hair products to use during this period.  This is what I replied back to her:

There are so many products out there.  However, it takes trial and error to get your right products.  So be quite patient and don't be afraid to try new products if one does not work. You are not obligated to stick with a product just because it works for someone else. Only you know your hair.  Even if that person's hair looks like yours, it might not feel like yours. ;)

Begin researching for products in five parts:
1. Pre - poo Treament:  Are you going to use oils or just stick with a mixture of conditioner and oils?
2. Shampoo Your Hair:  Are you going to co-wash or shampoo?  If you choose to shampoo, get sulfate-free shampoos that will not strip your hair.  (Go back and click on the READ THE INGREDIENTS link above).  Are you pro or against the use of silicones?  
3. Deep Conditioning: Use a moisturizing conditioner.  How often do you do this? I do mine every wash day. This is VERY essential.
4. Leave-in conditioner:  Choose a product that will help condition even further.

5. Styler: To gel or not to gel. Depending on the style, what results do you want to achieve? A defined twist out curl, a frizz free look, or a soft texture appearance?


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