Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Old Remedies for Hair and Scalp Health

I was visiting with one of my friends, who I consider my oldest and wisest friend when it comes to herbal remedies for ailment of the body.  She showed me one of her home remedies books, called "Back to Eden" by Jethro Kloss. 

As, I flipped through this book that was older than I was, but filled with wisdom than I possessed, I wanted to share some of what I read.  I know the book was written in 1939, however, I feel that some of what is written still applies to us in 2012.

Adapted from Back to Eden:
Any disease that impairs the vitality of the body has an effect upon the hair. When the circulation is diminished by a general nervous condition, the scalp cannot be properly nourished.  Diseases of the scalp and loss of hair are expressions of bodily ailments.....
The blood which nourishes the hair must be purified by using wholesome, nourishing foods, which will build a healthy body... Since the analysis of the hair shows it to be composed of iron, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, and sulphur, the blood must be supplied with these minerals so that nourishment will be carried to the scalp. 
If you are feeling adventurous and would like to try some old remedies, try out this herbal mix (from Back to Eden book):

Anyone of the following herbs is useful to nourish and brighten the hair, and make it grow: nettle, pepper grass, sage, henna leaves, burdock.  Steep a tablespoonful in a pint of boiling water for one-half hour and add a level tablespoonful boric acid. Massage the scalp with this solution. May be used before shampoo, or between shampoos.

Do you have any old remedies for hair care that you have someone older than yourself?  Please share?


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    1. Aww.. thanks for reading my blog. I will definitely check out your website

  2. I just learn something new to me today with you blog. I will remember that the hair and scalp are a refletion of our general health. Was good to know that part of cleansing our blood is very important.

    1. Every part of our body is interconnected. We really do need to listen to our body and pay attention.