Monday, March 12, 2012

Twist 'n Curl: First Attempt

The style for this week was suppose to be a Twist 'n Curl (TnC).  I was so confident in my creation of this style that I decided not to use any YouTube tutorial video to properly learn how to achieve the look.  Not only have I learnt my lesson, I have also learnt that I should always have a Plan B when it comes to doing a style that have not been done before.

Although the style was an epic failure for me, I will still share how I achieved the look and maybe you can all help point out my mistakes.

After co-washing my hair, I created about 15 two-strands twist, and used perm rods to individually curl up the twists.

I think here is where I made my #1 mistake:  I did not wait for my hair to fully dry before I took out the perm rods. It was bedtime, and since I'm doing the "No heat challenge", I decided to undo the perm rods and cover my hair with my silk scarf.

The next morning, I rubbed some coconut oil on my twists and fingers, and undid the twists, trying not to create any frizz.  Here is the end results:

Now.. to PLAN B. I decided to do a french twist at the back and use a black claw accessory to hold it together, while leaving some hair for my side bangs. Simple, and fail-proof.

Have you had hair styles that have failed?  Share your experience. 

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