Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hair-inspiration: Grow, Hair, Grow!

Black Hair can G-R-O-W.  However, different factors cause the growth to be minimal or even stop at a particular length.  My goal is to grow my hair to an healthy state.  If you notice, I did not mention any of the known Natural World hair growth measurements:   SL (Shoulder length), CBL (Collar Bone Length), BSL (Bra Strap Length), MBL (Mid Back Length), EL (Elbow Length), or the famous WL (Waist Length).

An healthy state of hair growth to me is a growth that I am comfortable with.  My healthy state of hair growth is different from the next natural's healthy state of hair growth.  For me, this will the the growth level where maintenance of my hair will be managable. I know that if I am able to grow my hair down to my bum, I will have a hard time managing it.  That is just me.

Different factors can affect hair growth, to learn more about Hair Growth and Maintenance, view the video below:

Here are some YouTube videos of ladies who are able to grow their hair. 

Be   I-N-S-P-I-R-E-D!

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