Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Adventure with Crochet Braids

This year, I have learnt how do so different protective styles; flat twists, cornrows using extensions, and now, I can add crochet braiding to my hair style design resume.  ~LOL~

What is Crochet Braids, you might ask.
Crochet Braiding or Crotchet Weaving is the process of attaching pieces of hair extensions to existing cornrows.  It is a great protective style because it does not put too much stress on your hair. Installing the braids is very simple and the removal process is quite easy.  All you do is just untie the extension that is attached to the cornrow.

Now that we are done that that short introduction to Crochet braiding, I would like to introduce you to my "Going Natural" partner. She and I started to transition the same time after the Hair Show for Natural. She has been really cool  with letting me practise different styles on her hair.

The plan for her one month protective style was actually kinky twists, however, she started watching YouTube and feel in love with Crochet Braids. I was up to the challenge, so after 10 mins of watching the videos, we started the adventure.

Since she had already bought hair for the kinky twists, we had to see if they would work for the Crochet Braids.  I used Femi Hair - Afro Soul Kinky. 

Here are the steps I took to create a crotchet braid hair style.

Step One
Cornrow the hair.  If the hair is short, braid with extensions and make sure you braid together the ends of the cornrow.

Step Two
Insert the latch hook under the cornrow braid

Step Three
Pull the looped hair extension using the hook

Step Four
After pulling about a inch of the looped hair extension, create a loop knot to fasten the extension to the hair.

End results....


  1. WoW...... Dis is amazing! I'm gonna try this soon.

    1. Thanks. I would love to see it when you do. If you use Instagram, post the pic and tag me @discoveringnatural or share on Facebook: http://facebook.com/discoveringnatural

  2. I really love the crocheted braids bt doing it on my hair is tasking being that I have a 2 month old baby that doesn't sleep long and I would love to see what am doing to learn more. And arranging it to get a nice full hair is not among ur pics at all.can you please share. Thanks

    1. Congrats on the new baby. Sorry, I don't have those pictures, however if you search for crochet braids on YouTube, you will find lots of video tutorials.
      Thanks for reading.