Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Fun: Funny Hair YouTube Videos

Earlier this week, I was googling "Creme of Nature" and came across a funny YouTube video.

I got my laugh on with this video. This lady is so funny. I ended up watching other videos she made and can't stop laughing. She is quite a passionate and hilarious vlogger.

I know she is talking about how she hates the new Creme of Nature (video was done in 2009),  but I love Creme of Nature and never had the issues with the poject.  But, she made me LAUGH!!

This is another video that made me laugh SO HARD! 

Do you have any YT videos that make you laugh? Post them.


  1. You are right she is funny and by the way ....
    Thank you to pass by my blog and i will follow you now too; God Bless;

    1. Yes, she is. It is so nice to get some good laughs at the end of an hectic week. We all need to relax and laugh when life is so busy