Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jumbo Flat Twist

I am having a bit of a lazy day today.  No... I don't have the day off.  Still up to my neck in work and life, in general.  Yesterday, I did a twist and curl with my two weeks twist, and I wore that all day as a twist out. Unlike my last attempt, I actually like how this turned out.

I wanted to preserve the twist out look, so before I went to bed, I watched a couple of How-to YouTube videos on night time routine for a twist out. The majority of the videos were saying to retwist. I didn't want to retwist my hair in the same size (medium size) that I had them in prior to the twist out. So, I did about seven large twists.  Anyway, this morning, my hair was a big mess, so I decided to play around.

I have done flat twists on my older daughter's hair in the past, but not my hair.  So I decided to do ONE Jumbo Flat Twist... remember, feeling lazy here..

And here is the result...

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