Saturday, March 17, 2012

My first Flat Twists

Doing Flat Twists is one of the braiding techniques I always wanted to learn. I know how to do cornrow braids, which uses an underhand upward motion to create rows of braids that appear to be lifted off the scalp. I also know how to do two strand twists, sister twists, and single strand twists.

So, today, I decided to tackle the task of learning how to flat twist. After watching a couple of YouTube videos that show you the proper way to do the flat twist, I proceeded to actually trying it.

I decided to start on the left side of my daughter's head.  I started flat twisting taking strands of hair from the right section over the left section. That didn't work so well for me.  Maybe it's a right-handed left-handed thing.

That gave me an idea.... why don't I start from the right side? So, I did... and it was so much easier to flat twist, and also faster. 

For a step by step tutorial, visit this website: How to Flat Twist Hair

Next on my list of braiding techniques to learn is: French braiding.

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