Sunday, February 19, 2012

German bun with cornrow braids and twists hair style

I've been wearing my hair unprotected for a couple of days now... so it's time to protect "her" for the week.  I wanted to do something that did not take too much time to style.  I believe it took me about 20 minutes to complete this style.

Styling process...
  • Part hair in front from ear to ear. 
  • Divide the part in the middle to create a cornrow braid going from center to ear on each side.
  • For the remaining hair, divide hair into 4 parts going from crown to nape (back of hair).
  • For each sections, do three two strand twists
  • Inter-twist each of these three two strand twists from front to the back.  It should look as if you actually cornrowed your hair from front to back.
  • When all these are done. Put hair in a bun towards the middle of the back of your hair.
  • Attach your favorite hair accessories.

Here is a 360 degrees video of my hair

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