Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dry Two strands twists using Flexi Rods

I wanted to freshen up my one-week old two strand twists. So, instead of retwisting, I decided to try something new. I have not tried using Flexi Rods before and decided to do a curly two strand twists using them.  Flexi Rods are also known as Super rollers. You can get these at any beauty shops, and they come in various sizes.  The ones I used was Red 7/16 inches flexi rods.

Stying process...
  • Spray hair with water, avoid totally saturating it.
  • Apply your oil to your hair and seal with your cream.
  • Taking a couple of two strand twists at a time, spray some setting lotion (I used LottaBody) on the hair, especially the ends if you are transistioning.
  • Using the Flexi Rods, roll hair in a way so that they do not overlap each other on the rod.

  • I added some perm rods on my bangs section to give smaller curls.
  • I choose to air dry my hair by wearing it like that for a couple of hours.


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