Monday, February 13, 2012

Can't have enough of those good oils!

Oils...oils...oils...I love me some good oils! But when is it too much? I was watching a product review of BB's new natural hair line "Tropical Roots" on YouTube by AfricanExportBy the way, she has such nice natural hair. Love it!.

As she read the ingredients of the Tropical Roots' growth oil, she mentioned Canola oil. That got me thinking, wait a minute, canola oil??? I know that extra virgin olive oil is good for the hair, but I didn't know that canola oil was also a good moisturizing product. Gosh! I cook with canola oil all the time ... what have I been missing.  As I researched, I found the following information about canola oil from this website:

According to the "Alternative Field Crops Manual," canola oil is high in both oil and protein-- two ingredients that play a role in restoring hair's health.

So, let's see how many oils I now use for my hair,....and I do have a good reason for each and every one of these oils.  LOL!!

Here is my list from most important and used to least.

Jojoba oil             check!
Coconut oil          check!
Vitamin E oil        check!
Wild Growth oil   check!
BB Growth oil     check!
Tea tree oil          check!
EV Olive oil        check!
Grapeseed oil     check!
Almond oil         check!
Orange oil         check!

 Should I add canola oil to this evergrowing list?  I am on the bench about this. Actually, I don't think I will be doing this. I just ordered Jamaican Black Castor Oil and excited about trying it for my edges.  This will probably be replacing Dr Miracle Temple and Nape balm that I currently use.  I will keep you all updated regarding this product once I start testing it.

So, what is the one oil that you can't live without? How has oils help improve the health of your hair?