Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wash Day Braid It Up (April 2nd)

It's that time again! Wash day! Have I ever told y'all that I LOVE WASH DAY?

Well, I do!

With the thought of starting the month off with clean hair...I decided to do a Bentonite Clay treatment to cleanse my hair. After doing the treatment, I co-washed my hair with Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Invigorating Conditioner.  I deep conditioned my hair for an hour with Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner.

After DC, I cool and seal and then rinsed my hair with Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioner.
I had lots of shrinkage!

But my curls were putting!! LOL!
I moisturized my hair with my leave-in conditioner, Giovanni Direct Leave In, and then did a oil massage. I was not sure how to style my hair, but I wanted it well moisturized, so I decided to use Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Eco Styler Gel Argan Oil, and then seal my ends with Whipped Shea Butter.

Then I did chunky braids pinups.
Well... I did not like how they looked, so I decided to just do smaller braids and twist the ends.

That's it, folks!

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