Sunday, April 14, 2013

Afro Puff Week : Easy Style for Short Natural Hair

Original Afro Puff
Last week, I wore my hair out in different puff styles. I enjoyed the freedom of not having to retwist at night. I did not have a lot of tangles as I thought I would. Yeah!

So, I skipped my wash day for the week... That will be in another post.

 The original puff (shown above) was from a mini braid out style that I did:

The next day, I "woke up" my hair using the method below:

I got a little bored with just puffing out my hair and decided to create a new style.

Glad the week is over, time to wash this hair and protect her.


  1. had to stop by, nice to discover ya. Isnt crazy how much our hair shrinks, also love that you're doing green smoothies. Will be staying tuned

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, shrinkage!! I try to work it to my advantage, whenever I can.