Monday, April 15, 2013

Steam Treatment for Natural Hair : Before or After Shampoo

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Today, I pose this question on my Facebook and Instagram page:

While a couple of people have not steamed their hair before, most of them stated that they steam their hair after they shampoo.

Reasons why you should steam BEFORE you shampoo
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 Always use the steamer before you shampoo, not after. The point of the steamer is to gently lift the cuticle and make it easier for strengthening ingredients to penetrate into the strand. Once you fully wet your hair in the shower, each strand gets flooded with water which causes the hair shaft to swell. You’ll condition your hair at that time too, but the real benefit of the steamer is to allow penetrating ingredients to squeeze under the cuticle layers before water hits your hair directly.
Also, check out Black Girl Long Hair's article: Rethinking Old Hair Habits.

Ways of steaming your hair
Here are some ways to steam your hair:

- Using a steamer
- With a heated towel over a plastic cap
- In the shower
- In the gym's steam/sauna room

How do you steam your hair?


  1. Great post and question. This is quite interesting with great thought. I normally steam after my shampoo with my DC on.

    Today is wash day I think I'm going to ty this a few times, and report my findings back.

    Thanks for both sharing and posting, never thought of the reasoning behind this until reading your post.

    Take care!


    1. Thank you. Looking forward to reading about your experience. Hope you blog it!!