Thursday, May 8, 2014

How to Wash Your Child's Natural Hair

Natural Hair
Freshly Washed Hair

There are several ways to wash your child's natural hair. The way you choose depends on the child and their ability to go through the process without being afraid and without tears.

Sink Wash
This method is best for a child that is afraid of getting water in their face. It provides great support and comfort to the child. All you have to do is lay the child on the counter and let their head droop into the sink area. Make sure to support the neck with a rolled up towel.

Bathtub Head to Ceiling Wash
This is one of the most famous way of washing children's hair. With this method, the child is sitting in the bathtub with their head tilted to the ceiling. This method keeps the water away from the child's face.

Head Leaning Forward

This technique can be done either in the bathtub or in the sink. This method is suggested for older children that do not have fear of letting water touch their face. With the sink method, the child stands on a supportive stool and leans forward into the sink. However, with the bathtub method, the child kneels down by the tub, leans forward with head tilted towards the tub. With either method, provide the child with a wash towel to wipe their face if water touches their hair.

Watch the START to FINISH process of washing a child's natural hair:

How do you wash your little one's hair?

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