Thursday, May 8, 2014

Flexirods on Natural Hair - Day 4 and Day 5

Today is Day 5 of my "first time" Flexirod set on my natural hair. I can now say, I have made it with my hair out for 5 days, which is so rare for me. However, before I start talking about day 5, let's do a recap on Day 4. Sorry I did not post about it, Wednesdays are my busiest days.
Yesterday, I pretty much did the same thing that I did on Day 3. I shared this on my Facebook page, DiscoveringNatural.
Day 4 Flexirods on Natural Hair
I was quite surprised that I got several compliments on my hair. It had about lost 80% of the curls generated by the flexirods.
Today, Day 5, this is what it looks like. Yes, and I am washing my hair today!! Ahhhh... I love Wash Days!!
Pictorial Recap from Day 1 to Day 5
Click the days below to see what happened on each day
Day 1    |    Day 2    |   Day 3  
Day 5
What I have learnt
  1. My roots need a stronger hold, or some type of technique to make them straighter
  2. I don't need too much products when it comes to maintaining the style
  3. Using a bonnet at night is sufficient at maintaining the curls, pineappling did not work as well with my length of hair
  4. There are different ways of installing a flexirod
  5. The more I separate the bigger and frizz-er my hair will get.
How long have you been able to maintain a flexirod set on your natural hair?

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  1. GREAT post! Day 5 hair, WHOO HOO! I still see curls and shine, your hair looks very, very soft! The separating is scary, I don't want an extreme amount of frizz(some is to be expected!) but I want a full look! Today will be my deep conditioning day, tomorrow the wash and I think I might whip out my flexi-rods! My mom keeps asking me why haven't I used them yet (had em for almost a year!) I'm concerned about my roots as well so, if I do put in the rods, I will definitely be putting them in on stretched hair, the stretchiest I can get it, considering I will not use heat yet! I've seen a winding motion and a rolling motion when it comes to installing the flexirods. I'm all for cute Shirley Temple curls from the rolling method but, with the winding method you get these awesome wave curls...Ugh so much to think about! But i'll never know until I try right! Thanks for sharing!