Sunday, May 4, 2014

Flexirod on Natural Hair (Take 1)

Flexirod on Natural Hair

It was 8pm late Saturday night, and it was wash day... but I did not feel like starting the process ... so what did I do, I decided to try my hands on Flexirods. Okay, DISCLAIMER time!! I have not done flexirods on my entire hair before, so that was going to be fun.

I bought 4 packs of flexirods (Lure Rubber Rods) from Ross Department Store for $4.99 each about a month ago, and decided to put them into use.
Lure Rubber Rods

First, I spritzed my hair with a mixture of water and Aloe Vera Juice. This helps in dampening my hair and also detangling my hair that was in a low roll and tuck ponytail.

Next, I sectioned my hair into 5 sections. Taking each section, I put one full pump of Jane Carter Wrap and Roll setting lotion, and then added Eco Styler Gel (Argan) to the length of my hair and then more to the ends. I used my fingers to further detangle and smoothen the gel to my hair.

When wrapping the my hair in the rods, I wrapped such that my hair will not overlay the previously wrapped hair, I twist the ends in opposite directions.

While wrapping, my ends which are more curly than the roots or middle of my hair, did not want to smoothen onto the rods. I also struggled a little with my roots.  The plan is to let my hair air-dry overnight for at least 9 hours. #ItsGoingToBeARoughNight


After sleeping in this for 8 hours and then 3 additional hours of doing stuff around the hours, I crossed my fingers and started to unravel

As you can see, my roots did not smoothen out. I have to figure out what to do about that.

What tips can you give me for a successful flexirod set?


  1. Jeni of just grow already mentioned on her blog that she twists at the roots to stretch it. Seems to work well for her. Well done!