Monday, May 5, 2014

Flexirods on Natural Hair - Day 2

Flexirods on Natural Hair
Day 2 (Click here for Day 1)

Last night, I was unsure of my night routine with the flexirod set. I decided to just cover my hair with my bonnet and cross my fingers for unsmooched curls in the morning. Ah! Who am I kidding!!!

My hair was SMOOCHED!!
Flexirods on Natural Hair

I went to the gym, after pinning up the sides to keep sweat from making them even more frizzy than they already were. Remember, the roots were not as smooth, so I wasn't too concerned with those puffing up. Oh Well!! By the way, got a cool tip from one of my readers, SuperTee,  to twist the roots. I will be doing this in the future.

After working out for an hour, I decided to separate the curls even more to create this.... I like it!!
Flexirods on Natural Hair

To keep it from looking too boring, I added this DIY hair pin. It was actually an earring that broke... which I glued a bobby pin to.

How do you maintain your Flexirod set?


  1. Your 2nd day hair is still fabulous! Your smushed hair was still cute, I see great curl definiton and the shine is still there! Nice personal touch with the earring pin!

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