Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Flexirod on Natural Hair - Day 3

Flexirod on Natural Hair Day 3

Ah...Day 3 of this flexirod style... hmmmm

Night Routine

Still the same thing as I did for Day 2. After washing my face at night, I put a bit of water on my finger tips and then some castor oil on my finger tips, then applied to my edges. I do this because castor oil can be quite thick and lubricating it first with some water helps thin it out a little. Then I covered my hair with my satin bonnet.

In the morning, my hair looked like the picture above. I had to go to the gym, so I just added a headband to make it look more presentable.

Flexirods on Natural Hair Day 3
Post workout
Post workout Maintenance

I spritz my edges and nape with my DIY moisturizing spritz. Lightly spritz my hair and pat in the moisture. Applied my oil mix to my edges and nape and then my Gaisie Shea Styling Smoothie to lock and seal the moisture.


I decided to do a front high puff with the curls falling towards my forehead. The curls from the flexirods are still there, but the FRIZZ monster is starting to rear its ugly head. LOL!

How many days do your Flexirods set last for?


  1. Great results! I plan on trying out flexi rods soon.

    1. Thank you. Can you believe that today is Day 4 and my hair has lost 80% of the curls made by the flexirods?...and I got several compliments at church from people. I was like WHHATT? LOL! I guess the frizz is acceptable. I love Natural Hair!