Thursday, March 14, 2013

Twisted up with Whole Foods

One thing about the Whole Foods Market in the area I was visiting was that the selection was really slim. They did not even have any NOW solution essential oils. However, one brand caught my eye...

Everyday Shea 
Everyday Coconut

Both product lines was made by Alaffia. What made me interested in these products was the community empowerment and the support that the funds made from the sale offers to women in the country of Togo. If you are interested in this information, click HERE.

All these products are paraben free, no synthetic fragrance, no animal testing, and fair trade. The 32 oz bottles each cost around $8.99 (it was on sale, normally $13.99)

I saw some Cocoa butter. I have heard some people mixing this with their shea butter. 

I also saw a HUGE jar of Bentonite clay. Pretty cool. If I like a product, I love getting HUGE bottles of them.

...and the hair....?

I started twisting my hair in small twists and then had to leave to go somewhere... luckily for me, I had packed my beanie hat... Created a pompadour, and off we went...

I finished my twist, after dinner.. and here is how it looked like. By the way, all I applied to my hair was a mist of water and whipped shea butter. My hair felt SO soft and shiny!! Yeah!
While I was trying to get a view of the back of my hair... guess who snuck into the background...


  1. I'm loving the pompadour and hat look! Your twists look really nice and healthy.

    1. Thank you!.. The funny thing is that the pompadour and hat style was to hide the unfinished twists. Maybe I should wear it like that more often.. LOL!