Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Final Train Ride and Afro Puff

After a wonderful time with my friend yesterday, the girls and I hopped on the final train ride to our last destination.

Hoping that the day will turn out well, we headed off to train station.

The train was 40 minutes late.

The girls made the best use of the time by played around the pole...for some reason, they enjoyed doing this. They learnt A LOT about trains from the nicest train station master.

Finally, the train arrive... onto the next connecting train...

I told Big Sis, we might not catch this one... she said a prayer.

Unfortunately, we missed our connecting train by 3 mins. ARGH! We were able to catch another one 2 hours later.

The girls were really happy...and got to enjoy their kiddie cocktail of Orange Juice. It made them feel all grown up. LOL!

As we pulled into town, snow flurries started. What a wonderful way to end the train ride. It was so beautiful. As soon as we got off the train, the girls danced in the snow and even got some flakes on thei tongue.

Overall, regardless of the late and missed train, we made the best of it and not let the situation dampen our mood.

What about the hair?
The night before, I moisturized with Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk and Curls Cashmere Jelly *mixed together*. I did 7 jumbo flat twists. In the morning, I untwisted and fluffed with my pick.
That's all, folks!

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