Friday, March 29, 2013

Chicoro's Grow It! Dry Detangling

For the past couple of weeks I have been reading Chicoro's Grow It. I decided to test the method of hair care that I am learning as I read about them.

Detangling can be done in many ways, however, Chicoro suggests to start with dry detangling before doing a wet detangling (if needed).

Watch below as I show you have I dry detangle my hair using Chicoro's method.

I was shocked by the results. I only lost shedded hair while I detangled and even after co-washing my hair, I only lost about 2 broken hair strands.

The total amount of hair lost during detangling

Shedded hair; notice the white bulb at the end of the hair

How do you DETANGLE your hair?

Check out Chicoro's FACEBOOK page for more information: Click here


  1. I really dont have much of a detangling problem. But the idea of this is great. I love her book, its also a great reference book. Thanks for sharing, take care.

  2. I need some hair books. I detangle while prepooing and then after deep conditoning

  3. I'm not loose anymore, but when I was I detangled on wet hair only, full of conditioner and before my wash.

    I read and reviewed this book some time ago and agree that's it's a good read. She knows her stuff.