Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hair Typing Systems

What is the Hair Typing System?

The hair typing system is a way of categorizing one's hair texture.  A lot of naturals use this to figure out what products will be beneficial their hair. However, note that one of head of hair can contain multiple hair types.

There are two commonly known typing systems:
  • Andre Walker’s Curl Typing System
  • L.O.I.S. African American Natural Texture Typing System
Andre Walker’s Curl Typing System
This system is the most common one.  It uses a number and letter categorizing process. The numbers show the main category while the letters are subcategories. The numbers range from 1 to 4, while letters range from a to c.

 Straight – Type 1, Wavy – Type 2, Curly – Type 3 and Kinky – Type 4.

To read more and see pictures of the textures that fall under each category, click HERE.

 L.O.I.S. African American Natural Texture Typing System
This system deals with both the texture and the thickness (density) of the hair. This system is more complex that the prior system. It is based on the acronym: L.O.I.S:

 L = Bend, O = Curl, I = Straight and S = Wave

It also takes in account the thickness, using these subcategories:
 thin, medium and thick.

Here is an image that goes in depth about the L.O.I.S system

Is Hair Type Important?
A lot of naturals have argued that it is not important to know hair type and that it has nothing to do with selection of products and attempting different hair styles.  In some cases, they might be right.  I believe it is much more important to know what your hair porosity is than what about your hair type.  Some naturals however feel it is 100% necessary to know what about your hair type. 

Watch how the Hair Typing System has affected a natural sister:

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