Saturday, April 11, 2015

What is VEDA 2015? Day 1-10

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Making of Irresistible Me
What is VEDA 2015?
VEDA stands for Vlog Every Day in April.  What that means is that you will get a video each day from me on either of my social media pages listed below:

N a t u r a l H a i r:
V l o g g i n g:
Make sure you watch each of the videos and comment ... there is a surprise on Day 30.

If you have not yet SUBSCRIBED, then here are some things you have missed (Click name of video if you are having issues watching):

Day 1: Fridge Makeover

Day 2: Top Bun Scarf

Day 3: How to Accessorize Natural Hair

Day 4: Making of Irresistible Me video

Day 5: Did I Get Heat Damage on my Natural Hair

Day 6: Big Sis's Natural Hair Struggles

Day 7: He is Not Dead

Day 8: Blow Away

Day 9: #TBT: Lil Sis reading at 4 years old

Day 10: How to Wash Baby's Natural Hair

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