Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Choosing Right Conditioners

It can be quite overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right conditioners for your hair. It is not as easy as just going to the hair aisle and grabbing the first product that is labeled "Conditioner". You really need to know the purpose of the conditioner and the benefits you want from it for your hair.

Conditioners are generally categorized as Leave-In Conditioners, Rinse Out Conditioners, and Deep Conditioners. However, sometimes, there can be a fine line between whether to leave in a "rinse out" conditioner or not.

Deep Conditioners
These conditioners are very vital to the hair. It is advisable for more textured hair, to do a weekly deep conditioning. These conditioners can be used with heat and provide great moisturizing properties. They can help to strengthen the hair. When it comes to choosing deep conditioners, look for those conditioners with thicker consistencies and make sure the Directions on the product states to leave in for longer than a mere 3-5 minutes. Also, if you are protein-sensitive, look for conditioners that do not contain proteins.

Leave-In Conditioners
Leave-In Conditioners generally come in liquid or creamy consistency. Which should you choose? If your hair has a fine texture, then choose the liquid conditioner. For thick and coarser hair, a creamier leave-in will work better. Either way, make sure that the conditioner is water-based. (water is the first ingredient) If you keep your hair in braids or sewn-in, you can use the spray leave-in to refresh your hair. Depending on what your hair needs are, go for the type of leave-in that will help your hair. You can opt for protein-based ones if you need more strengthening. Use the moisture-based leave-in for dry hair. Leave-In conditioners can be used daily.

Rinse-Out Conditioners
These conditioners usually always comes in creamy form. You can use them for co-washing your hair. If you read the Directions, these would usually say leave on for 3-5 minutes. These conditioners help to nourish the hair strands during the wash process. There are some of these conditioners that are lightweight and not thick creamy ones. For example, VO5 conditioners are lightweight/thin rinse-out conditioners. Also known as instant conditioners. While Tresemme Naturals are thicker creamier rinse-out conditioners.

Is it OK to leave Rinse-Out Conditioners in your hair?
A lot of naturals, tend to leave rinse-out conditioners in their hair, usually when doing a Wash N' Go. I always questioned this process until I did further research. It is OK to leave a small amount of conditioner in your hair. Doing so, can help reduce frizz and reduce dryness. It also help brings out the curls in the hair and gives the hair an appearance of sleekness. A word of caution though, you might experience some scalp itchiness if you leave in heavier conditioners. Also, if you have fine textured hair, these conditioners can weigh down the hair.

Lastly, if the directions on the conditioner you buy does not indicate how long to leave a conditioner in your hair before rinsing it out, it is best to just leave it in for ten to fifteen minutes or until your hair feels soft.


  1. Great article. I love the thick rinse out conditioners (Tresemme) and usually leave them in my hair. I am currently looking for a great deep conditioner for my hair, too.

    1. I love Tresemme too. Happy Hunting for the Deep Conditioner. Which one do you use now?