The Damn Salon and African Threading

Last year, I attended my first Natural Hair show and saw the ladies of The Damn Salon, a Douglasville, Georgia based natural hair salon, showcasing their work. I'm not a big fan of big hair but one of my friends was quite excited about their work. She said, "Isn't this what you do to your daughter's hair?". What she was refering to was the process of  African Threading to stretch out the hair.
To me, this was nothing new. 

12 years old Lil' me:  Fully Threaded with no spaces
As a child, I loved getting my hair threaded because that meant my hair will grow, and the "take down" process was very quick unlike when I get my hair cornrowed.  My daughter also loves her hair getting threaded because of these reasons. Like mother, like daughter.

The only thing different that the stylist from the salon was doing to the models was threading the hair, and then removing the thread....What?? now WAIT a minute!! The whole beauty of threading is to have the thread on the hair and recreate different styles by using unquie placement of the threaded hair. Now, the whole removal of the threads and wearing it in public looks like craze-man to me! Anyways... I wanted to see if people would really wear styles like this out.. and they do! Wow!

Here are some pictures from the Natural Show with stylist Mushiya of the Damn Salon and the models with stretched hair after being threaded (known also as the Nwele process).


  1. ohh yes I miss threading.. yoruba call it kiko..... it does make ur hair grow long too

    first time here, waving, found you through Bukyvilleblog..

    I am planning on going natural later this year, so am going to use ur blog as one of my reference point..

    1. @Daughter of Her King: Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes, it is called "Kiko" using "Owo". I know you can use the rubber thread, but I do prefer the non-rubber one.
      When you do go natural, feel free to use my blog as a reference point. I will be very glad to answer any questions you might have.

  2. Hi, I just went natural and I really want to know if kiko makes your hair grow long. I plan to do it for a year and hopefully my hair will be a little bit below shoulder length. what do you think?

    1. The thing about using "owu" to thread your hair is that it is a protective style. A protective style is any style that protects the ends of your hair. (

      It is not that the threading grows your hair, it is the fact that you are not always manipulating your hair that actually helps you retain your hair.

  3. Hello DN,

    Lovely blog!

    I’ve done the African corkscrew threading hairstyle twice this year (picture is on my blog), and each time I had it in for 3 weeks.

    I’d recommend threading, it’s the best protective style that I have ever done as my strands were locked in.

    On take-down days, my hair was smooth, and I could even still smell the leave-in conditioner that I’d applied before my hair was threaded. It’s important that the hair is well moisturized and oiled prior to being wrapped in thread, it’s almost like marinating chicken in spices and then covering in foil paper :-)

    Super easy to manage too, all I did spritz with a water and glycerin mix.


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