Monday, January 23, 2012

Wash and Go Style on Transistioning hair

December 31st, 2011

Wash day!!!

It took me about 30 mins to take off my 11 day old cornrows and apply my pre-poo mix. While applying it, it reminded me of when I use to apply relaxer. The only difference was that my scalp was not on FIRE!

Here is what I did.
Use EVOO to unbraid the cornrows.
Part my bang section with fingers and then gently with comb. Clip with plastic butterfly clip. Section rest of hair with fingers and clip with plastic clips.

Make a mixture of EVOO, EVCO, Lustrasilk Olive Oil Cholesterol in a small bowl.
Start with bang section detangle hair using mixture and then two stand twist that section, clip with bobby pin. The reason why I use pins instead of the clip was because the clip pulled on my hair, and since I will be pre-pooing till this evening when I wash, it will be silly having the clips bulge out of my scarf.

Repeat until all section are saturated with the mix. Cover with plastic cap. Tie scarf.

Time to shampoo and condition!

After several hours of "marinating", I used my CN detangling,conditioner shampoo to wash my hair, still doing so in sections. Note, this is the first time I have ever washed in sections. I then applied my Silk Element luxury condition. I love the way it feels. I covered with plastic cap for 10 mins.

Rinse time!!!!

I trimmed 1 - 1.5 inches off my hair. Not missing my relaxed hair!
Actually, quite happy to see part of it gone; even though it was a small part.
Applied Shea moisture Deep Treatment masque. The jury is still out on that one. Massage a generous amount of BB growth oil as my hot oil treatment.
Cover with plastic cap and wrap head with towel.
Ding! Time to rinse....again.
Wash out the DC conditioner and section hair into two parts. Apply oil mixture (EVOO, EVCO, Jojoba, Vitamin E and BB Growth oil). Then apply Cantu Shea Butter leave in. Finish off with Shea moisture curl Enhancing smoothie.

My first wash and go

Some key things that I changed.
  1. I used my fingers instead of a comb to detangle and "finger-comb" when applying conditioner. I only comb during styling.
  2. I did not use any heat even when DC
  3. I did a hot oil treatment in addition to my DC treatement.

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