Monday, January 23, 2012

"Baggy" system.

I have been reading about the importance of moisturizing overnight. I usually just do a casual rub in with oils. Tonight, I decided to "bag it". I made a mixture of water, growth oil which contains essential oils such as jojoba, coconut. Also added some tree tea oil and vitamin E. Forgot to add my EVOO.
Used my spirtz bottle to spray into the cornrows I did during my last wash two days ago. Covered with plastic bag and a silk scarf. I do need to buy a bonnet...amongst other things.
I'll let you know if my hair looks moisturized tomorrow.

On another note, has anyone applied olive oil cholesterol in their hair before? I had some left over and was thinking of using it in my next wash as a pre-poo.

For a complete list of natural hair abbreviations, click HERE.

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